Friday, June 20, 2014

Batt Carding & Corespinning

I made a few batts the other day with the idea that I wanted to stock pile a few new art yarns. This purple one really tempted me to get going right away and within minutes of being peeled off the carder it was on the wheel. I like to use my Ashford Country Spinner for these pups.

It's a blend of teeswater locks, merino, bamboo, silk waste, glitz and various mystery wools. My favorite way to spin these batts is to corespin them and then ply with a mercerized cotton thread. You should try it, it's fun!
This the skein I ended with. From carder to complete is was only a few hours of work. I have 20 yards of soft, bubbly yarn. She weighs in at 2.35ozs.

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Tracy Altieri said...

Gorgeous - I just love the ciolors!