Sunday, February 16, 2014


What have I been up to? I've been spinning! I had previously decided that 2014 shall be the year of the wheel and so far that has been the case. Here a few shots of the yarns that recently came off the bobbins.
First is Cluck. She is one of the finest and consistent yarns I've spun to date. Hand dyed on Polwarth and is approx. 3.5ozs and 320ish yards.
Next is Picnic and Craftwerk (a.k.a Work Picnic). What a bubbly, fun skein!
This is Circus and Escape (a.k.a Flee the Circus). This is also hand dyed Polwarth and in the nice range of fingering weight!
Lastly is Copper Head. I purchased it from Spinner's Hill at Roc Day this year. I had planned to make the Honey Cowl with it but I've changed my mind. We will see what she becomes!

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Tracy Altieri said...

Such a gorgeous array of color!