Monday, January 27, 2014

Busy Bee

Where did this month go? Holy crow, I think I've been busy! This month I have found some new favorite things, two of which are podcasts and Instagram. By the way, I post more frequently on Instagram than I do here (sorry guys it's just easier!). Now I know these things have been around for awhile but I'm old in my ways and lame! If you haven't checked out these podcasts yet I would highly recommend them: Knitabulls, Sew Knitpicky, Craftstash and The Fat Squirrel Speaks.

New to the shop are what I will call colorway series. So far these have been dyed up on the SW Sock 80/20 blend. This one is called Graffiti. It is similar to the Melting Pot series but it has some black sprinkles added. I think I prefer this as it gives the yarn so much more dynamic! The Melting Pot will continue and I will be introducing another later this week. This batch of Graffiti is sold out but a new batch will be listed shortly. Each skein is unique!


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