Sunday, October 27, 2013

Handspuns from the Electric Spinner

Handspun singles and chain ply.

I recently purchased an Ashford Electric Spinner and I'm totally in L.O.V.E with this thing! Plying is so much more enjoyable! My first attempt on it was with a Polwarth roving in my "Bones" colorway. I think it's ok, not terribly consistent but it will do as far as practice goes. These yarns here are my most recent spins from the spinner. I'm really pleased with the single and the chain ply. 

The Chain ply was spun from a spontaneous carding session. Sometimes I just can't walk past the carder without throwing something through it! I didn't weigh or write down what was in the mix. I just went for color and texture. I made fiber sandwiches and rolled them through. Basically, I layered bits of mohair, silk, sari silk, bamboo, glitz (you name it) in between  BFL, Merino and Corriedale.
I got 60 yards out of it, nice and sturdy yarn too!
Textured Batt spun into a chain ply. 60yards:Bulky

I spun this singles yarn last weekend and I let it rest on the bobbin because I wasn't sure how to handle it. Did I want to coil it, ply it or core spin it? Nope, none of that, I wanted it to be left the way it was! It is spun from a 4oz Polwarth roving that I had kettled dyed. The roving looked like a muddied mess but I'm so happy with the way she spun up!

Singles, kettle dyed Polwarth.


Tracy Altieri said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad that are pleased with your purchase!

Nicole said...

What did you get for yardage on the 4 oz of Polwarth? It looks great!

Spun Right Round said...

about a 110 yards :)