Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Finally I found some time to get some yarn spun. It seems that lately I either can't find the time or when it comes around the time just ain't right to spin.
I started spinning up some of what I thought was over-played with roving that I had intended on listing. It seemed to be that either in washing or drying somehow I managed to manhandle these poor rovings. I was so suprised to find that they were a JOY to spin. Not felted or fulled up like I had thought!
I'm thankful foir damage control. Got me some time to spin and rainbow roving in my paws!
This skein is the first of few. I just divided the roving in half and then divided each half into 4 somewhat equal parts. I spun 243 yards in single, about 12-13 wpi.

now it's time to soak and set!