Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's almost Squam time!

Squam Lake, NH. June 2011. Spring Art Workshop.
I have never been before but I've heard a ton of great things about this place and the events there. I'm so excited and impressed with myself, I've finally signed up for the retreat! It's desribed as a peaceful, fun and relaxed gathering for those who love all things creative.

I've registered for the following awesome classes. It was a hard choice!

Knitting For Speed and Efficiency with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee a.k.a The Yarn Harlot

Stitch Manipulation with Ysolda Teague

Embroidered Memories with Rebecca Ringquist

Besides all the excitement I still own and operate the yarn shop, the etsy shop and clean house.
I'm pooped.
I'm also preparing to vend at Squam! How cool is that!


Tracy Altieri said...

I'm so jealous Renee, that you are going to Squam. I've heard V and T talk about it lovingly for several years. Perhaps one day i will join the crew!

Nicole said...

Have fun! Your classes sound super interesting and I hope you do well vending!

Stitchify said...

I'm so impressed and proud of you, Neenee!

Tracy Altieri said...

Thought I posted a jealousy filled note the other day - but I guess not! I can't wait to hear all about your trip to Squam! Maybe one day I'll get to go!