Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{32x32} Recap.


My goal list of 32 x 32 is everything but completed, but hey I didn't expect to cross everything off anyways. Here's to a new year and a new list!

Here is what I did accomplish, I didn't read a book or have a milkshake but I quit my job and opened a store!

1. Build and plant the salad table.

3. Do Spun Right Round full-time.

8. Finish a patchwork quilt {lap size} EDIT *Table Runner*.

11.Cut my hair

13.Pay off the mortgage.

18.Open a store.

19.Build a piece of furniture.
** does Ikea count? WE built lots of Ikea furniture **

24.Vend at the farmer's market or fair.

25.Make a piece of clothing. * MITTENS COUNT*

28.Get a tattoo finished.

31.strike>Wear a dress.

1 comment:

Tracy Altieri said...

Yay to all of the above!!!!