Saturday, October 1, 2011

Interview with Artisan Gerard from Etsy

Tell us a little about yourself!

I'm a college student attending the University of North Dakota for Commercial Aviation. My fiancee cuts all of the shop's charms on a laser at his sheet metal shop in Arizona. It's tough for us to be so far apart but he is supportive and I love him dearly. During at Fall and Winter I also make neck warmers, leg warmers and fingerless gloves so he isn't stuck doing all the work. :P I can't say anyone else in my family has the same love of crafts I do or that they even know how sew a stitch but when I was in the third grade I asked my mom to pay for sewing lessons and she did. My first project was a pillow case which I quickly turned into a simple pattern for tote bags which I now sell at farmer's markets and craft shows but not online anymore.

My mother had ovarian cancer in 2001 where the doctors extracted a 13 pound tumor. My hopes of changing my only child status seemed dashed until in 2008 she announced she was unexpectedly 5 months pregnant. July 3rd 2008 I became a big sister and when my little brother said his first name, mine, I gained a muse. His smile causes me happiness, something I try to put into every piece of my work.

Last year I had to pack up and move for college away from my brother and my fiancee so I work, ship and create from my dorm room now. The extreme differences from my native Arizona summers to my now negative 40 degree winters keeps me busy with any indoor hobby I may have. I create with anything I can get my hands on really so I wouldn't say I have a favorite tool or supply simply because my projects are always changing. During the Christmas season I usually run giveaway on the Facebook page which generates enough interest in my products that I have a constant market for any new ideas I may spout out.

Everything I do is a labor of love and I take great pride in my work, as well I love those who support my art as well as my education and I can't wait to make them proud.

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