Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spun Right Round News

Hey everyone! I just wanted to make a quick note about the new direction Spun Right Round is taking but first off, I want to THANK EVERYONE for making SRR what is toady. BIG HUGS!

My dream of opening a retail shop has happened this year, as most of you know the Grand Opening is September 10th. It has all happened so fast that I haven't even been able to soak it in yet! .... what!....

Despite of all the new things going on with SRR the Etsy shop will remain open for business. Some of you may have noticed a change in inventory... less yarns & more rovings. I'm hoping to have a leg free to jump on the wheel again but it may take awhile!

New items will continue to appear in the shop. New solid merino and corriedale combed top will be available in a rainbow of colors to make felters, carders and spinners very happy. Also, keep on the look out for solid dyed bamboo top... SO BEAUTIFUL!

I am hoping to open the phone lines for orders as I have lots of great spinning and carding equipment from Ashford for all you fiber heads out there!

So, I am so blessed to have made such a great network of friends and customers and I look forward to meeting and talking with new friends everyday...


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Tracy Altieri said...

Your new shop is just fabulous Renee! It;s such a nice addition to our community!