Monday, June 13, 2011

Interview With Abhaya Fibers

1. Tell us a little about yourself!

i'm a 28 year old lady living in a little city with my man and my kitty. i teach knitting classes, work at the knitter's edge helping people pick out the perfect yarn for their project and personal style and make my own designs with all my spare time.

2. What kind of crafting do you do and what got you into it?

i'm a knitter / fiber artist with a taste for visual artistry on the side. my parent's nourished every creative bone in my body from birth and my gramma taught me to knit, which i haven't put down since.

3. Where do you find inspiration and/or what inspires you?

i draw a lot of inspiration from the color and texture in different fibers. the yarn itself usually does the driving, i just follow along. i also find a lot of inspiration from cultural adornments through out history. all around the world, people have had such amazing taste and talent in how they decorate themselves and i'd like to leave my little contribution to that.

4. What is your workspace like?

anywhere i can sit and knit really. i live an attic apartment with baskets full of yarn and knits and lots of prayer flags hanging around. i've got a gypsy bag that's like a mobile studio for me, filled with everything i'd need to create and finish whatever project i'm working on.

5. Favorite tools, supplies, gadgets..

for the most part it's all about the overflowing yarn basket. addi needles, and lately this super cute chic-a yarn keeper has been making life and knitting better by the day.

6. Where online can people find you?

my shop:
my blog:
my facebook:

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MyBluePeacock said...

If she ever decides to give up knitting, she could easily take up modeling, she gorgeous!!! LOVE those sweaters...