Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It's the new thing around here for Spun Right Round, a brick and mortar store in lovely Cortland, New York! I'm so pleased and excited to share the news with everyone!

Here are some photos of the space being built for Spun Right Round. The drywall is going up and a front door will be installed... new lighting, new paint and soon furniture will arrive!

Our new storefront will be located in the historic Cortland Corset Factory Building located at 75 East Court Street. We are planning on a grand opening sometime late August or early September, we'll keep you posted! We have a website dedicated to the b&m spunrightround.com

We will carry beautiful yarns from Berroco, Cascade, Crystal Palace, Lang, Tahki, Schoppel Wolle, Zitron, Brown Sheep and more. We are also a proud Ashford dealer! That means we'll have wheels, spindles, carders and looms available. Great knitting and crochet accessories from Clover, Brittany, Addi and Susan Bates just to name a few! Workshops and classes? You bet! Handpainted rovings, carded batts, handpainted sock yarns by Spun Right Round will be available on Etsy as well as in the shop. We will also carry a variety of combed top and glitz for your spinning and felting needs!


Sewhappy said...

This is so exciting. I am so happy for you.

Stitchify said...

So so very very very very cool <3

Tierney Barden said...

GREAT POST!! Can not wait for the shop to open and to be full of gorgeous stuff to play with! Keep us posted!

Jess said...

So awesome *tear* :) :)