Monday, February 28, 2011

Interview with Ohdessa Knits!

1. Tell us a little about yourself!
My name is Odessa. I'm a stay at home mom to two young boys and I have a degree in Fine Arts. I like to think that knitting intricate mittens is a good use of this degree. I used to spend a lot of time drawing and I like to think that my knitting is an extension of that with yarn being my crayons and form my paper. I live right in the middle of North America and it's pretty cold here which makes knitting a necessity, not a hobby!

2. What kind of crafting do you do and what got you into it?

I mostly knit these days. I've always been into crafting of all sorts, and first knit around 10 years ago. Over that time I've gone on and off with knitting. When I was studying fine arts in university I got back into it for something to do on the bus and between classes. Then when I finished school I had a son and found myself at home. I got back into knitting in a big way, at first to knit cute little baby accessories and then as a creative outlet. I am a color person, so it was only natural that I got into doing all sorts of crazy colorwork. And being a super-perfectionist made me start developing my own patterns because I would get ideas but would never be able to find a suitable pattern and couldn't settle for anything less. Living in a really cold city makes mittens a perfect canvas, but I knit lots of other thing too. Right now I knit crazy patterned mittens and develop the patterns for sale, but I have some bigger plans down the road.

3. Where do you find inspiration and/or what inspires you?
I always keep two lists: one of things that I am inspired by (which usually ends up being more of doodles and taped down bits of paper from magazines) and a list of colors that is full of bits of yarn and scribbles and cut out chunks of color in combinations that I want to make happen. Being so into color, I start with an amazing color usually and find it a partner. From there, I usually let the color dictate the project; I think of what it reminds me of or I look through my inspiration bits for something I feel really could work with the colors. I am really inspired by the mid-late 90s. That post-grunge post-riot girl diy-conciouness thing that was going on when I really started developing artistically shaped me greatly.

4. What is your workspace like?
Messy! They say that creative people are messy, and I think it's because creative brain values creating over cleaning. I usually work at the kitchen table, so I really sprawl out. I usually have my netbook, some sourcebooks, lots of paper, and tonnes of yarn out. I do most of my actual "work" which is the knitting part in front of the tv. I like to think that knitting makes me feel productive while watching too much tv.

5. Favorite tools, supplies, gadgets..
I love Microsoft Excel (although I've been using Open Office lately and it's also pretty good) and Addi Turbo Lace needles. And yarn of all kinds. Especially sock yarn. I could not live without a kitchen scale to measure yarn; without it I'd go crazy with worry of running out of yarn. Other things I always have around are my trusty color-wheel, Staedtler colored pens, and tapestry needles.

6. Where online can people find you?
My blog is at, my etsy and ravelry and twitter are all @ohdessa

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