Sunday, January 16, 2011

Long Time, No Blogging!

whoo.. seems like forever since I've posted!

A few things I've done and done away with this year already.
1. The first being 365 Year in Photos...


This project was absolutely not for me. Not at all. So onto #2.

2. I think I will begin to transform this blog. Make it prettier, add fun features and regular weekly category postings. Offer up giveaways, coupon codes and what not. Maybe even some interviews.

So if you have a shop, blog, hobby or even a fun story you'd like to share on this blog feel free to email me at

At this very moment I have 8ozs of dyed fiber ready to be rinsed, socks on my needles, a blog post in the works and cookies in the oven!!

This week I learned a few things with the help from Youtube!

My first adventure was Navajo plying which I learned from this video.

Here is my fisrt Navajo Ply!!!

Now I'm off to block print!


1 comment:

man said...

dude, i've made it about a week and a half into daily photo projects. too hard, does not work for me, either!

hope all is well! XXXOOO.