Monday, October 4, 2010

Last Weekend..

What a beautiful weekend! It was great!

Friday... Kettle Dyeing, cleaning house, knitting and to end it.. spinning with a friend over cocktails!
Saturday... Besides the fixin' of a flat tire I started my BMP socks!


Here is a bit of background on the inspiration to finally cast on this Ravelry favorite of mine...
The knitting group had a great idea. We each by a skein of yarn, all yarns get divided evenly and we each pick 10 small balls of yarn.. to equal one skein of yarn… use colors as you see fit for your sock.

I saw it fit to add a color that I had in my own stash… cheating? Maybe so but I had to knit these socks!!!!!

Our Saturday continued with a short trip to the Cortland Pumpkin Fest, we didn't buy or eat anything but it was good for people watching!!!

Ended with good ol' vegetarian burritos and some knitting!

Sunday... More kettle dyeing, slub yarn spinning, OATMEAL COOKIES and of course.. more knitting!

These were the BEST cookies I've EVER made... Smittenkitchen.. go there... good recipes await!

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