Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm Going to Camp Pluckyfluff! YEAH!

Other hot news:

I've found the fabulous ladies that meet in Cortland for the weekly knitting group. I LOVE the knitting group! It's really made this town feel like home. I've gained some knowledge, inspiration, friendships, and encouragement through it!

With the help of my friends there I've been able to work my way through patterns that I would have otherwise given up on... such as this lace knit shawl which I found on Ravelry... which is super.. I'm just kinda retarded when it comes to lace knits!

X your fingers... I've also submitted my application for the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival! I'm anxiously awaiting to here back from them!

The production room is painted and nearly all organized.. photos coming soon!

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