Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some Q and A with DaidaLOrange!

I recently did a short interview with  DaidaLOrange, a fabulous Etsy seller who offers unique
hand knit newborn photography props made from handspun yarns. Check out her store for some amazing pieces of work! 
1. What got you interested in knitting?
  My interest in knitting started in high school when I wanted to make myself a sweater. I went to a knitting shop where I purchased my Clover bamboo single point needles, several skeins of wool yarn in two colors - a beautiful deep hunter green and gray, and a book where I found a very challenging and intricate pattern for a two-color sweater. I was very proud of this sweater and still have it. I didn't choose an easy project as my first knitting project because I love the challenges of more difficult endeavors. 
I now create my own patterns for my unique hand knit baby items and use handspun yarns exclusively. I believe that the texture of handspun yarns brings a different and unique look in newborn photography and makes those photographs stand out from the crowd. Besides texture, I believe that color has a great impact on the look in photographs which is why I prefer interesting color combinations when selecting my yarns. 

2. What is your favorite material?

 My favorite material is merino wool. It is so soft and perfect for baby hats and anything against the skin. I prefer a variety of textures in my choice of handspun yarns ranging from thin and thready to super bulky and slubby. I find that different yarns let me have a greater choice in the final outcome of my handknit items. 

3. Where do you sell your work?

 Currently, you can find my creations on http://www.daidalorange.com 

4. What are your favorite websites (blogs,social networks, etc.)?

 I like the diversity of groups on Flickr such as the Natural Light Child Photography group. I also participate in a few photography groups on Facebook. 

5. Lastly, what other hobbies or interests do you have?

 Photography has been my main interest for several years now and I have recently started to venture into storytelling video clips as a transition from still photography to moving photography. Writing is another interest I've had ever since I was a small child learning to write.

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