Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Real Country Spinner..

We took a drive to the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival a few weekends ago and saw some amazing creatures, textures, colors and tools. A new wheel followed me home and I'm totally hooked on it. These are the latest yarns from my new Country Spinner!

One of our favorite vendors was Sheepish Grin Farms, which is located in Lodi, New York. We found some really great angora fibers there. As mentioned in an earlier post we'll be incorporating new fibers in our yarns and the English Angora Rabbit is one of those. It is super soft and fluffy, nothing else like it! Here are some of the new listings in our Etsy shop that have this blend.

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presentsforpirates said...

yo! looks like fun! i want to see more photos of your new house!!!